Nollywood Actress, Ijeoma Thomas Reveals Ordeal


Despite the fame and glamour Nollywood star actress, Ijeoma Thomas has enjoyed over the years, she has also lamented over the pains and sufferings the industry has exposed her to.

The delectable actress said; “There is this movie I did, Ala Di (Husband madness), I was so mean in it. I did a whole lot of things in the movie. I collected people’s money and snatched my sister’s husband. I even snatched another person that wanted to marry her. In the movie, I had to do some things for the person to marry me instead of my sister.”

“So, one day, I ran into a woman on my way to a function and she started saying all sorts of things, raining curses on me. I was shocked because I was like, ‘I don’t even know this woman; we have never met before’. It was not until she mentioned Ala Di that I realised she mistook me for the character I played in the movie.”

“My partner was always jealous seeing me kiss or play romantic roles in movies. I understand he’s a human being but I also try to make him understand it’s just a movie. One day, to make him more jealous, I sent myself gifts and pretended they were from a secret admirer.”

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