Actress Cossy Orjiakor Names Her Butts


Nollywood actress and boobs slayer, Cossy Orjiakor has gone haywire as she named her buttocks. This is coming after she revealed that she will be going for butt enlargement.

Interestingly, guess the name, the sultry actress gave to her bum bum…? Peter and Paul! Similiarly, she has also given her big boobs a name – Jane and Janet.

However, the million-dollar question on the lips of her fans and followers is, did Cossy Orjiakor named her buttocks after the popular musicians; Peter and Paul of the defunct music group, Psquare?

Hear the answer straight from the horse’s mouth… Cossy Orjiakor said; “I am planning to make Peter and Paul as big as Jane and Janet. I got a good deal from a good doctor friend of mine, who is a plastic surgeon. So, I’ll be enlarging my bum soon.”

“The surgery will be in two weeks’ time. Peter and Paul will be as big as Jane and Janet so that everything will be balanced. As you can see, Jane and Janet are still popping. My left boobs is Jane and my right boobs is Janet. Jane has a tattoo and Janet doesn’t.”

“I decided to name them because they have a life of their own and they are even more popular than some people. My boobs are all natural and very soft.”

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