Actress Iyabo Ojo Bombs Blogger, Kemi Ashefon


Famous actress, Iyabo Ojo has hit out at popular journalist cum blogger, Kemi Ashefon for reporting that her husband abandoned her on their wedding night and that she was never married to him (Mr. Ojo).

The screen diva who is vehemently angry with the blogger for the report took to her Instagram page to share proofs of her marriage to Mr. Ojo as she shared video of her Marriage Certificate and photos.

She also wrote, raining all manners of curses on the journalist. See her post below…

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They say silence is golden, but there are times one can’t help but address obvious situations. A journey just come blogger called Kemi, NOT AUNTY KEM KEM OOOOOOOOO, decided to discredit my Mother’s Day video. She emphasised in her write up that I was never married and my ex partner was a carpenter (though she claimed all was sent to her as usual) 😳…. I saw her write up and chatted her up, sent my marriage certificate, she read and ignored. Then other smallies started blogging the story. When you land yourself in wahala now, you will say the information came from my phone or maybe a PA sent it. Just for my true fans, here is a video of my marriage certificate and my wedding pictures. Kemi Ashefon, may you go through all I went through and worse than I did, when you decide to tell your story, people will turn deaf ears and call you names… ori gbogbo yin ti daru….. awon blogger blogger eleribu….

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Interesting, Kemi Ashefon had reported that; “She was never married to Mr Ojo. They had two kids—Festus and Priscy but there was no wedding. Nothing binds Iyabo and Ojo together legally. When Iyabo Ojo was a student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, which had its temporary site in Isolo, the one close to the Oba’s palace then, she would always come to Ojo’s shop.”

“Then, he was a stark illiterate carpenter and could not utter a word in English. But he was tall and good-looking. She was coming to his carpenter’s shed and before we knew it, she got pregnant for him. Her parents and siblings were against this but she stood her ground and moved in with him.”

“He never wanted her but she threw herself at him. There was no wedding. Where would Ojo have gotten money to have a wedding? Which wedding night was she referring to in her ‘weeping video’? Tell her to produce their wedding photos if she insists on a wedding night.”

“Which contributions? Though Ojo had nothing as a carpenter, the little he made from his business, he gave to her and the kids. Moreso, Iyabo was getting proceeds from her grandfather’s estate, so the situation wasn’t as bad as she painted it. In fact, when her grandfather died, some years ago, she got N11m as her share of the estate. It’s a lie that she gave birth to Priscy at home.”

“She should tell the truth and stop embarrassing Ojo, who ended up with a lady who is more educated than he was. They had quarrels and she would abuse him in the English language. Of course, this infuriated him and he would be asking his friends what she meant with the ‘big words’ she hurled at him.”

“She was in love with him and refused to leave him. But when Iyabo got the money bequeathed to her, everything changed. She squandered some of it and in a day, she bought five cars—a Toyota starlet, Opel Omega, Mazda and two other cars. She also opened a boutique and sold ladies’ wear. There was a time robbers attacked her and collected part of the money.”

“By the time the money remained N1m, she was advised to invest in the movie industry. Iyabo became interested in Theatre Arts and joined Yinka Quadri/Ogogo caucus. There were many allegations of infidelity from Mr. Ojo then, and there was a time she left him and moved in with an actor, whose family, including their mother, are all involved in film-making. The actor is short, could barely speak English and must have stuck with her because of the money.”

“So, she abandoned Ojo and stayed with the actor. That didn’t last long because it was obvious the man wasn’t going to marry her because he allegedly instructed her to abort pregnancies she had for him.”

“Well, Ojo was lucky to have travelled abroad and he is now a US citizen. He’s our friend and we can tell you that he was treated shabbily by Iyabo. She has been granting interviews and saying all sorts because she knows the man does not have the guts to grant an interview and speak in English fluently like her. But she has forgotten that he has friends who can speak to the media.”

“Ask her why her children cannot be US citizens when their father has a Green Card already? He is so pained at how she has treated him that he has vowed not to file in for the kids. Not that the kids did any wrong. No, they are good kids and love him. But he doesn’t want a scenario that the kids could file in for her when they become citizens. He’s hurting and if she doesn’t stop speaking ill of Ojo, she should drop his name because he was never married to her and there was no wedding.”

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