Actress Ngozi Nwosu Reveals Her Encounter With Death


Popular TV series, “Fuji House of Commotion” star, Ngozi Nwosu has recounted her recent encounter with death and how she escaped the life robber by whiskers.

This she revealed in a recent live session. She said; “I had another close shave with death a few months ago. After a shoot that fateful day, I went into my room to get water from the fridge, and that was it. I fell and blanked out. When I regained consciousness, I thought it was just a minor thing until I tried to get up and walk.”

“I kept telling myself ‘Ngozi get up and walk’ but I couldn’t. I was looking at my phone, yet I couldn’t call for help. I was like this could be the end of the road. I couldn’t really understand what happened. I couldn’t move my leg.”

“It was stiff. I cried and cried. I couldn’t reach anyone to help out. Then, I went back to God and said, ‘If truly I serve you, this would not be the end of the road. Just give me the grace to get up and open the door for help’.”

“I was lying there looking at myself helpless. After a while, the strength came from nowhere, I had to use my buttocks to crawl. Then I held unto the door, managed to open it, and then screamed. Help came and I passed out again.”

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