Afrobeat Singer, Seun Kuti Lashes At Burna Boy


Late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s son, Seun Kuti has hit out at the rave of the moment, Burna Boy over his comment that “nobody paved the way” for him.

However, Burna Boy’s comment has attracted the attention of the Afrobeat singer and son of the late Afrobeat king who took to his Instagram page to knock the award-winning singer.

He wrote; “That one time I played penalty straight to throwing but I made history. First to miss a Grammy Performance, who else can say that? It’s not easy to be chosen it’s even harder to miss it…”

“Now seriously, I took my self to this nomination on the shoulder of the great African artistes who came before me many of them in my very own band. I had no support and today I can confidently tell the world that my record label, after telling me they did, secretly decided NOT TO ENTER MY ALBUM!”

“The Grammys reached out to me themselves after the entry period had closed. They said they wanted to know why I have never entered my albums and especially the black times album I had just put out cos they loved it and thought it should be entered! Surprise was an understatement.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was reading! The rest they say is history!! Those that have all the support from corporations and especially the people who because I fight for them even my record company tried to silence me, they say they do it alone I just have to smile!!!”

It is interesting to know that, Burna Boy recently claimed that he is the best in the country’s music industry since Fela Kuti and that he has brought Afrobeat genre to the mainstream where it is currently enjoying western recognition.

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