Dr Chris Okafor Set Zimbabwe On Fire


If the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do, every human being is the foundation and product of where they come from.

This and more are the prophetic words release by the Generational Prophet of God and Lead Pastor of Grace Nation Worldwide a.k.a Liberation City while declaring open and welcome Participants to a 3 day Prophetic Conference tagged; Mighty Visitations put together by COWOM (Chris Okafor World Evangelical Ministry in conjunction with Grace Nation in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The popular televangelist who preached on the topic: “Breaking Transgenerational Family Curse said ,the major key to be deployed if one want to escape these curses is to be born again and serve God in truth and in spirit.

The Generational Prophet of God stated that you need to secure your future through commitment to the things of God, why because you cannot fight Transgenerational curse or battle alone, therefore your altars must not lack oil through continuous sacrifice.

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The famous world accurate seer of our time said foundational battles are not respecter of any titles, if you must be free from it, you must be ready to work it out, altars operate in different dimensions, you deployed angels on assignment to speak for you as a covenant practitioners, he remarked.

God came down mightily at day one of the prophetic conference as God’s servant the Generational Prophet of God, shook the city of Harare, Zimbabwe with miracle as a young man with disability to hear for a long time, regained his hearing. Also, many family were liberated from their family altars, transgenerational altars bowed down to the command of Elohim, as God visited many participants with miracle babies.

The day on service was just the beginning of big deliverance to come. According to the Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor, the day two will be brutal because God specifically sent him to cross his people to the other side, to cross them from poverty to riches, to cross them from battles to freedom.

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For some of the participants who could not make the Friday conference, God is set to change your story as you plan to participate on Saturday.

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