Dr Chris Okafor Warns Against Laziness


The major and biggest problem of most Christians in this generation is the spirit of laziness, in terms of prayers, reading the Holy Bible constantly and also worshipping in the church of God, many Christians only open their Bible on Sunday and after service no more prayers and communion with God till the next Sunday, this menace has continue to keep many in bondage without solution.

These are part of the foundation examined at the Grace Nation Divine Intervention and Breakthrough Service on Sunday 13th, August 2023 at the International Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria..

While teaching during the sermon with the topic: “Dealing With Spiritual Laziness,” the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation International a.k.a Liberation City, Dr Chris Okafor emphasized that the worst and most dangerous aspect of Christianity is spirit of laziness, when this spirit possessed a man, it takes away his prayer life and whenever the enemies are determined to finish anyone, they take away the person’s prayer life, the generational prophet of God said you must be able to pray to break out of spiritual laziness, because what spiritual laziness does is to keep you out of prayer.

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The Apostle of altars also remarked that no spiritual lazy man can rise to the occasion to fulfill their responsibility in life adding that nothing grows in the foot of the person with spiritual laziness, the accurate tools to be used to measure your spiritual life is your prayer life, Dr Okafor said.

Speaking on some major tools to be deployed to tackle spiritual laziness, Dr Chris Okafor said though every lazy person is a person with no common sense but when you deployed discipline into your life, it changed your habits toward your way of life, he said it is the best habit of you, that deepens your work and relationship with God.

Dr Chris Okafor also highlighted structure as another way to overcome the spirit of laziness, the man of God said when you structure your life well with maturity, you will easily cheat the spirit of laziness, when you are devoted to the things of God, you will overcome the spirit of laziness.

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Projected death sentences on some faithful were cancelled by God through His servant, Dr Chris Okafor during the realm of the prophetic, a man projected to die by accident, met the hand of God as the death sentence was sent back to the sender, foreign benefits were released, new jobs, garment of celebrations and miracle babies were all released to awaiting mother’s all to the glory of God and to depopulate the kingdom of darkness making the kingdom of God popular.

Meanwhile, many faithful benefited in the weekly Grace Nation Food Palliative for the less privileged to support them and cushion the effects of the high rise in the cost of food items and others as a result of the removal of the fuel subsidy by the Government of the day.

According to the Generational prophet of God, “One of the duties of the church is to look after the wellbeing of its citizens in a situation the country is going through at the moment, but not that the church has it in excess but the little one we can, we must be our brothers keeper.”

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