Femi Fani Kayode’s Ex-Wife, Yemisi Opens Up


Femi-Fani-Kayode-Ex-WifeFormer Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has been having a running battle with his ex-wife, Yemisi Wada and mother of his three daughters for years now. This explained why the politician did not attend his daughter, Temi’s traditional marriage recently. Also, when his father died, the three daughters were not mentioned in the burial publications as grandchildren like others. Family sources told us that Femi and Yemisi have not been on speaking terms for years.

Be that as it may, Yemisi opened up on Femi recently. Hear her: “It was an unpleasant experience. It was a very short marriage and I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t a happy marriage; it wasn’t a secret. But for the first time, I am going to say that I guess he was in a very bad state at the time. He had left his career and faced politics and he was enjoying the politics, which to me, was the attraction to him at the time. While other guys of his age were night clubbing, he was in the company of big personalities, campaigning from one state to another. At his age, he was already a national youth leader for the party. I think it was NRC at the time. To be honest with you, he had given everything he had into this thing and then, they were disbanded and because he didn’t have a fall back plan, he was depressed. I supposed that was not a good time to be married; having a wife or a child, maybe the handling of it would have been different if it was someone else. He himself was in a bad state, understood. It is not like he set out not to be a good husband. All I am saying is that he was in a bad state at that point in time”.

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