Flavour Exposed By Alleged Baby Mama


Afropop singer, Chinedu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour N’abania has been exposed by alleged baby mama, Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere.

Juliet who had earlier ‘raised the dust’ when she took to her Instagram page to revealed to whoever that cares to listen that the famous singer impregnated and abandoned her to her fate.

However, Juliet speaking in an exclusive interview recently, narrated everything that transpired between her and the musician.

She said; “It happened in October 2015. I spent a night with him. I used to sell bags in Enugu. I attended a customer’s birthday party, so I met Flavour at the venue of that birthday party; after one of his friends introduced me to him. His friend had promised to connect me to Flavour to dance for him at shows. I am an orphan, so I jumped at the offer. I was excited about it.”

“I was drinking soft drinks, but his friend encouraged me to take alcohol to feel among, as a ‘big girl’. I actually refused initially because I am lightheaded. I eventually drank alcohol and started feeling dizzy; I was intoxicated. In my conversation with Flavour, he assured me that since I came through his friend, he would take me in as one of his dancers.”

“I spent the night with Flavour that night; he slept with me that night without protection. We had sex four times that night. On the following morning, I suffered from the hangover of the alcohol I took the previous night.”

“Flavour didn’t rape me; he even gave me about N50,000 the next morning. I think he was also tipsy that night. His friend dropped me off.”

“Three to four weeks later, I wasn’t feeling fine; I later discovered that I was pregnant through a pregnancy test. I sent him text messages but he didn’t respond. I tried calling him, but he didn’t answer. I got in touch with his friend, who introduced us, but I was ignored; he blocked my number like Flavour did. I lost my phone later in 2015. I suffered on my own until I gave birth. I began to call the manager, with the pretense of coming for collaboration; because if I disclosed the real reason why I want to come, he (the manager) won’t give me audience.”

“I joined Instagram to communicate with him (Flavour), but my account was reported several times until I lost it.”

“I didn’t want it to go viral. I have made several efforts to get in touch with him, but they have not been successful. It has been tough, getting an apartment as a single mother has been difficult. I have sent him several direct messages but he hasn’t responded.”

“Some of my family members have broken ties with me because I brought shame to them by getting pregnant outside wedlock.”

“He has never seen my daughter at all. I have given him an option of meeting me in a public place. He doesn’t want to take any form of responsibility on my daughter.”

“I am sure of what I am saying, I am ready for a DNA test, I need him to accept responsibility on my child. My daughter bears his name.”

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