Glo Battle Of The Year Nigeria: Sibling Rivalry Turns To Revelry On Episode 2


Episode 2 of the Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria Reality TV show aired on Saturday February 12, 2022, on Glotv with scheduled broadcasts on NTA and AIT fulfilling Globacom’s promise of keeping vast numbers of Nigerians entertained over 13 weeks.

As with the first episode, there were lots of drama, amazing dance moves, clean executions, many did-you-see-that moments and a riveting live performance by Teni who thrilled the live audience with her hit songs.

The tense and dramatic hour of dance battles and judges was spiced with commentary provided by BBoy JC Jedor and Big Flo both of whom helped clarify for viewers what makes a BBoy good or bad.

According to JC Jedor while the audience may be wowed by mesmerizing dance moves, the judges are looking for a lot more. So, the successful BBoy must have in addition to good moves “energy, precision, skills, clean execution and a battle ready mindset.”

And that battle readiness was clear all through Episode 2 as we watched Bboy Whirlz, president of the Nigerian Dance Guild almost get “toppled” by BBoy Duke in their fierce battle in Benin.

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It was exhilarating to watch sibling rivalry morph into sibling revelry as BBoy Valley went all out to battle his older brother BBoy Trixx but Valley was in no position to counter the bag of tricks unleashed by his older sibling.

Crew members BBoy Lil Monster and BBoy Storm set affinity aside to do battle and it was a dramatic contest with Lil Monster proving that little or not, he was ferocious enough to calm the fervor of the newly married Storm.

The Glo Battle of the Year reality tv show returns at 8pm on Saturday February 19, 2022 on GloTV, the company’s streaming app with scheduled broadcasts on Sundays by 8pm and Tuesdays by 9pm on NTA and AIT respectively.

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