Henkel Nigeria Paves The Way For Women: Fostering Inclusion And Empowering Leaders


Henkel a leading German multinational known for its WAW and Nittol detergent brands in Nigeria, has joined the global movement for diversity, equity, and inclusion, firmly reiterating its commitment to empowering women in its workforce and operating environment. This dedication was evident during International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024, a day of global unity celebrating women’s achievements.

The 2024 IWD theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” underscores the critical need for creating environments where women can thrive and reach their full potential. Around the world, organizations responded with initiatives, events, and campaigns promoting women’s rights, addressing gender gaps, and fostering diversity and inclusion across all aspects of society.

Rajat Kapur, Managing Director of Henkel Nigeria, highlighted the importance of International Women’s Day. He acknowledged progress in advancing women’s rights but also recognized the continuous effort necessary to achieve true gender parity.

“Companies globally are making strides towards gender inclusivity,” said Kapur. “At Henkel Nigeria, we believe in fostering female leadership and ensuring policies that promote equity, work-life balance, and an environment where women can thrive and succeed.”

Chidera Akwuba, Head, Transformation & PAG at Henkel Nigeria opined that “Henkel Nigeria is dedicated to building a future that is both innovative and equitable. We celebrate the achievements of women across our organization. By fostering diversity in leadership and empowering women at all levels, we drive sustainable growth and create a positive impact on the communities we serve.”

Jennifer Ikuenobe, Head of Human Resources, emphasized Henkel Nigeria’s commitment to supporting women in Henkel Nigeria.  

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“Here at Henkel Nigeria, we’re proud to foster a work environment that empowers and celebrates women.  Investing in their professional development strengthens our talent pipeline and creates a more diverse and successful workforce.  This International Women’s Day, we recognize the exceptional women who contribute to Henkel’s success, and we are committed to providing ongoing opportunities for them to thrive.”

Ivie Akalu, Head of Marketing, on her part, highlighted the importance of celebrating women’s achievements. “International Women’s Day provides a platform to showcase the incredible work women are doing across all industries, and by celebrating these achievements, we inspire future generations of women to reach for their dreams.”

While acknowledging progress in diversity and inclusivity, Kapur stressed the importance of ongoing efforts.

“International Women’s Day reminds us of our shared responsibility to build a more inclusive and equitable world, and by championing women’s rights, supporting their leadership, and fostering respectful and inclusive environments, we can create a future where every woman and girl can fulfill their potential and contribute to a sustainable future.” he concluded potential

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Henkel Nigeria’s commitment to empowering women extends beyond a single day. Through ongoing initiatives and a focus on fostering an inclusive workplace, the company is working towards a future where women can thrive and reach their full potential.

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