“Is Not By Force To Accept Apology” – Nkechi Blessing Slams Ex


That Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s ex-lover, Opeyemi David Falegan had apologised to the actress for the way and manner he ended their relationship is an established fact.

However, Nkechi Blessing in a reaction to the apology said; “Apology accepted, access denied” while she also mocked her ex on the apology.

Falegan, has however, disclosed that he apologised to Nkechi Blessing because he wanted bygone to be bygone and not because she wanted her back.

Falegan, also stated that he left Nkechi Blessing because of personal hygiene.

In her response, Nkechi Blessing, took to her Instagram page and unleashed hell.

She wrote; “Anyone close to him better check on him cus na like this dep#sion dey lead to m#dness dey start or na hunger? Cus you be chatting sh#t bruh! Move on in peace my dear!!”

“All dis for followers, likes and comments wey no dey bring you shingbai? Oma se oooo!!!”

“Coming from someone that Instagram people sef can count your full wardrobe… Lmao! You repeat cloth pass church rat sef!!! Oga leave me alone abeg, worst mistake ever! TUEH!”

“Everyone can read thru you now, but you see that fame you crave badly? I on my mother’s gr#ve you won’t make better use of it!!!”

“My fav ex be like babe when did you start wearing panties? The joke is on you bro… This Vjay smells like heaven and you know it! Taaaaa!!!”

“Ever since I left you, you have been looking for means to bring me down, my dear the most dreaded blogger couldn’t… So who are you again? And you know me ooo your pastor told you how much glory dey this head ooo.”

“Na why you dey beg me never to leave you, so you can empty the glory and transfer all to yourself. Na why I run before man go render me useless… Ekiti people hold una brother… No be by force to accept apology!!”

“Without my name in your mouth Opeyemi David Falegan… You are a NOBODY.”

“Sh#me no go let you show full video of that dirty rat hole you dey live, as old as you are living in a shared flat place I manage sleep for 3 weeks, I couldn’t even do any advert squeezing myself to even enter kitchen… You are hungry Opeyemi, ain’t nothing attached to your name than being Nkechi Blessing EX. Faworaja oshi!”

“I have moved on since November 10, 2021 that I left London… Why not do the same this man… Na by force? Leave my name out of your mouth for Christ sake!”

“Stop talking about me for one month… You will be gone like the wind… I told you before you tot I was just blabbing… Now see how hard you are using my name to stay relevant. Fame na your mate? Taaa!!! If dem google you now dem must find me there. Bro I am a mega super star that makes stars.”

“You aplogise, I no gree… Prob#lm… Na by force? You for abuse me with the usual Olosho wey oda loos#rs like you dey call me… Not this one bros!!! You fumble gan! I smell and taste soo good… ask Mr A. Sweeest Ever… No vex you won’t be crying when coming again. I should play your ring tone? Ashiere Ifo!”

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