Jude Okoye’s Shocking Revelation: “Psquare Split Was Instigated By Peter”


The former manager of Squares Record (SR) owned by Peter and Paul Okoye of the defunct music group, Psquare, Jude Okoye has made a shocking revelation.

Jude Okoye who is the elder brother of the wave making musicians; Peter a.k.a Mr.P and Paul (Rudeboy) in a recent live chat with Tunde Ednut, disclosed that; “Psquare’s split, which happened in 2017, was instigated by Peter, who had issues with me. I will never try to bring my two brothers; Peter and Paul together again.”

“I had stepped aside as manager up to five times. I had tried everything humanly possible to settle the rift.”

“Peter has a problem with me. I have asked him several times what the problem is but he refused to say. How can I bring P-Square back when I’m the one they don’t want in the picture?”

“There is nothing humanly possible that someone can do that I haven’t done. I came to a point when I said even if it means sacrificing myself from the picture. No problem, let them both be.”

“Whether or not they come back should not be my business anymore. I was wanted out of the picture. I’m now out.”

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