Julietgreenandwhite Laments


Ex-beauty queen, Julietgreenandwhite has lamented over the poor state of Nigeria.

The humanitarian who expressed her concern over the hardship in the country, complained that every sector of the nation seemed not to be functioning well.

Speaking with Famouspeople.com.ng on Thursday morning, September 15th, 2022, Julietgreenandwhite, said; “Honestly, I am losing hope because many of our political leaders are sleeping and has refused to wake up to the reality of the bad state of the nation.”

“This is my big question, who do we look up to now? who will drive the nation at this stage? who do we trust? already things are getting out of hand. 2023 election is around the corner.”

“Recently, I called Wazobia TV on their breakfast program and ask them to kindly address a bothering question. That, what are the response of our political leaders towards the people’s complaints presently? and up till now I have not gotten an answer.”

“Ofcourse, we all know that part of the media role to relate to the government the people’s mind so they can hear us and act, yet our political leaders will not hear and are not ready to listen to us but during elections we listen to them, their promises and vote them in to power because we trust them.”

“Now election is coming up again, offcourse they will promised Nigerians again as usual but this time around, Nigerians shine your eyes and vote wisely and please stay off violence.”

“By the grace of God, Nigeria is for all of us and it will not die in our hands.”

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