Ojopagogo Speaks As Controversy Trails Yinka Adetoro’s New Movie – ‘Kele’


Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Olayiwola Razaq a.k.a Ojopagogo has cried out over some groups that ganged up against him on the movie which he directed – KELE.

According to Ojopagogo, the group claimed that the story and the movie title (KELE) belongs to them.

He added that the goup said that the movie Director was involved in a project that is related to Sango story, and it came to their notice that he (Olayiwola Razaq) is working on the story.

However, Ojopagogo, disclosed that he had to orientate them by telling them that; “Everybody is entitled to tell the story of any existing deities in our society. Telling the story of SANGO, God of thunder doesn’t mean you are the only right owner of the story or the title. You can as well produce your own KELE and put your name, people will still watch it.”

“Yinka Abdulrahman’s KELE or Ladi Jolaosho’s KELE… KELE can be 10 in the market but the audience knows which one they wants.”

For those who don’t know, the movie – KELE was scheduled to be released November 9th, 2020. However, due to the high demands, it was postponed to Thursday, November 26th, 2020.

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KELE is a deep traditional story that is laced with rich religious beliefs… Sango is one of the deities in the Yorubaland and once you are initiated, you have nowhere to run to.

KELE is Produced by Yinka Abdulrahman, Directed by Olayiwola Razaq (Ojopagogo) and featured host of Nollywood Yoruba stars such as Yinka Abdulrahman, Muyiwa Ademola, Moji Afolayan Olayiwola, Khalid Ayanshina, Olayiwola Razaq, Bose Odogboro, Omosalewa Yusuf, Abdlateef Adedimeji, Titilope Abeo Adeleke, etc.

Olayinka abdullrahaman Producer of Kele

The movie is packaged by Olalekan Afeez (Olafeez) and marketed by the famous OKIKI FILMS.

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