To Break Curses, You Must Live Holy – Dr Chris Okafor


Curses are cast or spoken out into the life of someone basically for such a person to leave an unfulfilled life, the world is full of evil, therefore you must understands the principle of engagement and work out a way to live a fulfilled life.

Speaking During the midweek Prophecy, Healing, Deliverance and solution service of Grace Nation International a.k.a Liberation City in Lagos Nigeria, the Lead Pastor, Grace Nation Worldwide, Dr Chris Okafor who preached on the series, “Breaking The Curse and Unifying the Spell”, said curses are inherited and can travel from one generation to the other if not tackled.

The Generational prophet of God said curse spoken or cast can travel to 8 generations yet unborn and stop the progress of people if not well managed, we are living in a wicked world where father’s commit a sin and children yet on born suffer from their actions.

The man of God explained further that some of our fathers’ bury people alive and before such person is buried, he or she might have made a Pronouncement and such curses will travel through many generations.

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Therefore, the only way to break out of curses and spell is that, you must live a Holy life devoid of anything that will incriminate you. Also you must examine your way of life, confirming what Elohim directed you to do, serve your Lord and God with clean heart and as you follow the instructions of Elohim, he will fight for you, and you will be free and break out from curses and spell, the Generational Prophet of God concluded.

The realms of the prophetic witnessed mind blowing testimonies, deliverance from generational curses and healings, the Generational Prophet of God did what he knows how to do best, profiling solutions to cease as directed by Elohim. The man of God also break awaiting mother out from the bondage of barrenness, while many gave their lives and rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

Dr Chris Okafor remains one of the popular prophets across the continent of Africa with accurate prophecies, few days ago the Zimbabwe President played host to the Generational Prophet of God as he prayed for the president while the country prepares for its Presidential election saying that God will use him to cross the Nation of Zimbabwe to the other side of greatness.

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