Zee World Announces Return Of ‘Gangaa’ & ‘Married Again’, Launches New Series


Zee Entertainment’s popular General Entertainment Channel (GEC) Zee World, broadcasting on DSTV channel 166, has announced the return of popular shows Gangaa  2 and Married Again Season 2 and the launch of two new exciting series Lady Luck and Amma.

Married Again Season 2 and Gangaa 2 will return on 21 November and 27 November respectively while new shows Lady Luck and Amma will premiere on 14 November 25 November.

The Zee World November 2019 line up dates and times are as follow: 

  • Lady Luck – Thursday, 14 November at 18:00 CAT;
  • Married Again Season – Thursday, 21 November at 20:00 CAT;
  • Amma – Monday, 25 November at 19:00 CAT; and
  • Gangaa 2 – Wednesday, 21:00.

Zee World has proven to be a Bollywood success story and its new November line up will undoubtedly strengthen and grow its audience. “We look forward to once again bring the best of Bollywood to our Zee World audience.  Our new shows will keep viewers at the edge of their seats while the return of favourites Gangaa and Married Again will liven up screens,” comments Harish Goyal, CEO Zee Africa and Asia Pacific.

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Looking at the new shows, Amma tells the story of Zeenat, a strong and bold woman whose mission is to fight for her community’s freedom against the British. This drama series highlights the sacrifices she makes in her fight for the community she loves. Follow this gripping tale of a woman’s determination to break free from the restraints in a male-dominated society as she becomes Mumbai’s first don lady.

Bhoomi is a bright girl at the end of her school career, looking forward to entering the workplace in Lady Luck.  However, she must contend with the age-old tradition of becoming someone’s stay-at-home wife. With a supportive mother, she takes on a career path, but also promises her family that she will marry – a boy she doesn’t know – as soon as she has worked for a certain time.  

She then at work meets Ansh, a boy from a rich family who falls in love with Bhoomi and believes that she feels the same way. Bhoomi now has to face the reality that she has found love soon after agreeing to marry a stranger – a compromise she had to make in order to realise her own dreams.

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Does she quit her dreams and follow Ansh, embarrassing her family or does she forgo her love and resign herself to a loveless marriage with a stranger?

Gangaa Season 2 follows the return of the titular character as her strength gets tested in various circumstances. See if Gangaa and Sagar’s relationship can stand the test of time? 

Fan-favourite, Married Again Season 2 returns and it’s a wrap for Divya and her decade long acting career. After being away from home and the love of her life Raj, Divya finds herself on the train back to where she belongs, hoping the love of her life is still waiting her. Follow the story of these two lovers as they try to rekindle an old love with odds against them.

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