Zee World DStv Highlights For March 2020


Snatched (Ends 27th March)
Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This month on Snatched, Shreya’s mother gives her another idea to get Bhushan’s cousins kicked out of the house. Under the pretence of giving the ladies facial, Shreya steals a necklace given to Vinati for safe keeping. Sanjana’s father goes to the Pethawala house to apologise to Trilokchand and expresses his desire to get Ajay and Sanjana remarried in accordance with the rituals. Shreya tells Sanjana that since she is the eldest daughter-in-law of the family, she has more authority in the Pethawala family. Sanjana realises she has fallen for Ajay.

In order to share her happiness, she calls her sister but leaves a message when unable to get through. Sanjana recounts all of Shreya’s attempts to separate the family but Shreya puts up an act and refutes her words. Bhushan defends Shreya and asks Sanjana for proof. Sanjana is asked to leave the house when she fails to provide proof of her accusations against Shreya. Trilokchand informs Ilaichi about his decision to retire and make Amar the new MD, but Ilaichi has reservations about it.

Sanjana hands overs the divorce papers to Ajay. Sanjana hears grandma consoling Avani and finds out about Rishabh’s behaviour. She devises a plan to expose Rishabh. Shreya decides to end her life and informs the same to her mother. Her mother calls Bhushan but he doesn’t believe her. Ajju tries to force himself on Sanjana when she rejects his advance but Mishri saves her right on time. Sanjana and Ajay hide Ajju’s body. Mishri tries to dispose of the corpse but is shocked to find it missing. The cops inform the family about Ajju’s murder and that his corpse has been found.

Ajay hides the vase that was used to hit Ajju in storeroom so no one can find it. Pethawala reveals the truth about Mishri’s infertility to Anuj and his family as was Mishri’s wish. Anuj and his family are okay with it but want the wedding to take place in the same week as Anuj will be leaving for London. Shaina who is posing as Ajju’s sister spikes Mishri’s milk to get her to confess her crime but Ajay ends up drinking it. Mishri tells everyone that she saw Ajju. No one believes her. After confessing to the murder in order to save Mishri, Sanjana is arrested. Shaina tells Ajay that she will get Sanjana released if he marries her.

Our Perfect Place (Starts 28th March)

Our Perfect Place is a show about the Mehta family and the whole extended family. It follows the trials and tribulations between each family member and how they handle all of this.

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Its Govardhan’s and Ila’s 45th wedding anniversary, they wish to celebrate this occasion with the entire family. What will happen though, after the family is re-united after such a long time? Ila disappears from the mansion and the family is worried sick about her whereabouts.

A phone call from a nearby hospital about an accident and a dead body may just bring the Mehta household to its knees. Samir is planning on leave to another country, but his parents wish for him to meet with someone before he can go. Things get tense at the house when Niranjan and Rahul have a confrontation that shows up family history.

Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This month on Deception, Naren and Pooja might lose all the billions under her name. Everything seems to be back to normal in the Vya’s household but Pooja gets a reality check when her uncle calls. Pooja infiltrates the Vyas household to act on her revenge for everything that Naren has done.

Surbhi is nervous when she finds out that Pooja is back. Pooja makes certain to take care of Naren even though he wants her gone from the Vyas mansion. Pooja has convinced her uncle and aunt to allow Anuj to marry the love his life. It’s Anuj and Rachael’s wedding, but it could be the families last day alive. Pooja fights to rekindle the love between her and Naren. Everyone is astonished and others are happy as Naren is down on bended knee asking Pooja to be his life partner again.

Mr. Kapoor has changed his plan to go to America in order to win over Pooja’s heart and love. Kusum keeps making harsh demands of Rachel, will she be able to live through it all? Pooja’s character is put to the test as Rahul and Surbhi make sure it gets tainted right in front of Naren’s eyes. It’s Surbhi and Naren’s wedding day. Will Pooja be able to save her lover?

Everything seems to be coming together for Naren and Pooja. The whole family is excited about planning their wedding except for Vikrant. Uncle Satish recieves a call that shakes him. Pooja has lost her memory and Uncle Satish is devasted when he discovers whose been calling him.

Ring of Fire
Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This month on Ring of Fire, Ragini tries to keep Anurag from finding out the truth about financial aid from Vikral. Anurag looks after Ragini, making her hope that things will get better between them. Revati humiliates Shekhar and Shristi and accuses Shristi of ruining the family’s reputation. Shristi and Ragini leave the house and Vishu is distraught after Shristi’s departure.

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Vidvaan comes back home and finds out about Shristi and Ragini. He reprimands Revati for creating misunderstandings in the family. Shristi clears her exam with excellent marks. Vishu’s family reach the hospital and Revati blames Shristi for Vishu’s condition. Shristi feels guilty that she is responsible for Vishu’s state. Ragini comes to visit Vishu and sees Anurag and Shristi laughing together. Anurag goes to Ragini’s house to ask Ragini to return home with him, but she refuses, stating she has severed all ties with him and his family.

Anurag also refuses to leave from there until he convinces Ragini otherwise. Anurag puts the marriage necklace around Ragini’s neck and vermillion on her forehead, recognising her as his wife. Shristi asks Shekhar not to help her anymore as she does not want people talking about them. Vidvaan tells Anurag that Shristi will be handling their legal matters. Shrishti gives Shekhar the divorce notice to hand to Vishu. Revati and Brijban conspire to get Vishu remarried, they talk to the priest about finding an illiterate but wealthy girl for Vishu. Revati, Brijban and Dulaari trick Vishu and try to get him engaged to Shanti. Shristi and Vidvaan reprimand Revati and Ragini expose the Chauhan family to be conspiring with Nimki Devi.

Jodha Akbar (Starts 1 March)
Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This is the story of princess Jodha, a Muslim Princess, who is forcefully married to a hard-hearted king Akbar a Hindi King who conquered her father’s kingdom. She reluctantly goes to his palace only to find that she is one of many wives. She faces opposition from the word go and discovers that she will have to fight for her husband’s affection. Her intent shifts from hatred towards the king, to trying to soften him and change him from being a vicious ruler to a compassionate one.

Jodha goes to temple on her birthday, the Moghul army attacks the temple to rob it. Suryabhan sends a marriage proposal for Jodha. Maham Anga instigates Jalal against Bairam Khan. Mainavati plays a game for Jodha’s marriage. Bharamal agrees to marry off Jodha before war. Mainavati prepares for Jodha and Suryabhan’s marriage. Maham Anga tries to create rift between Jalal, Ruqaiya and Bairam. Maham Anga successfully makes some moves to get the minister’s position. Bairam Khan gets killed, as per Maham Anga and Adham’s plan.

Suryabhan gets killed while Jodha’s brothers became captive. Jodha accepts to get married for the safety of Amer. Rajput kings are stunned to know about Jodha’s marriage with Jalal. After some arguments with her parents, Jodha agrees to marry Jalal. Ruqaiya is relieved to know that Jodha is not interested in Jalal. Ruqaiya is pregnant and a celebration is held. During the celebration Jodha gives saffron milk to Ruqaiya the child gets aborted and the doctor suggest conspiracy. Jalal announces 10 days house arrest for Jodha and her brothers. Jodha confesses to the crime. Rahim tells Jodha that he saw Maham Anga adding something to the saffron.

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Lies of the Heart
Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This month on Lies of the Heart, Shashi visits Urmi’s family and the family start to worry as soon as she arrives. Shashi makes an expensive demand from Urmi’s family. Urmi refuses to marry Samrat and he wants to know from his family what changed, he finds out about Shashi’s demands and forces her to go apologise. Samrat wants Trisha to not attend the wedding and tells Urmi that Trisha doesn’t like him. Urmi believes his side and questions Trisha. As soon as the wedding is over, Samrat begins to show his true colours.

Ishan tells Samrat that his life is about to change for the better after marriage, but Samrat feels otherwise and he promises to never change himself. Urmi hears this. Urmi goes to her mother’s house for a ritual and Saroj notices a different Urmi. Saroj overhears Rashmi and her mother talking about Samrat’s behavior and she decides to ask Urmi about it.

Urmi sees the honeymoon package in Samrat’s drawer and misunderstands that they’re going on holiday. Ishan gives up on helping Samrat and he breaks their friendship. Sashi overhears Urmi tell Ishan about the Goa honeymoon and wants to ruin the trip. Anushka is heartbroken after she finds out Ishan is going back to London and confesses her feelings for him. Urmi is so happy about the honeymoon that she even forgets to pack the flight tickets. Saroj finds Anu’s diary and it leaves her worried and upset. Samrat and Ishaan get into a fight about how he treats Urmi.

Shashi gives Urmi permission to visit her mother’s house, but only because she has her own hidden agenda. Urmi finds out Samrat has a sister and she begins to ask questions about her never being mentioned before. Samrat’s parents tell Urmi why they abandoned Samrat sister. Even though Urmi disagrees with their decision, they force her not to talk about her. Samrat he refuses to let attend to her father’s birthday party. Trisha decides to leave the house as she feels like a burden to the family and Samrat is relieved.

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