Actress Anita Joseph’s Husband Fights Uche Maduagwu


Nollywood star actress, Anita Joseph’s husband, MC Fish is very angry with his wife’s colleague, Uche Maduagwu for meddling with their marriage.

MC Fish took to his Instagram story to warn Uche Maduagwu to stay away from their marital affairs.

He wrote; “Sometimes when you see some people poor and wretched, it’s becaue of one thing, they don’t mind their business yet they think they are sensible. Focus on your career and your red bra lemme focus on my marriage biko.”

For those who don’t know, Uche Maduagwu, earlier took to his IG page to knock his colleague and her husband after they posted a video of themselves where MC Fish was seen fondling her boobs.

He wrote; “Stop acting like small pikins. It is called marriage because no be all affection u dislay for public. Make we dey try apply small maturity for this beautiful union called marriage. There is a very thin line between content and Iwa Palapala on social media.”

“Please what moral lesson is this unecessary display of affection in public teaching our kids?”

“Jesus wept na understatement, this also alien to our culture in Nigeria, is this also for clout?”

“Marriage is honorable in God’s sight, squeezing the sleeping Olympus as if you no pay bride price on it is shameful and repulsively preposterous, how do you want your father in law to feel after seeing this video on social media, even if you paid 30 billion for her bride price, this is just so unacceptable, a man is the head of the home, Oga where is that in this.”

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