Actress, Juliet Ibrahim’s Ex-Lover, Iceberg Slim Cries Out


Star actress, Juliet Ibrahim’s erstwhile lover, Iceberg Slim whose real name is Olusegun Olowokere has cried out to the whole world that he only cheated on the actress and nothing more.

This is coming after he was dragged out by social media users who called him a cheat. The Nigerian singer, in his reaction quickly took to his Instastories and lamented.

He wrote; “Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person. I Know I’ve fallen into the trap of having to explain or defend myself or tell “my side” of a story, when it was no ones business but mine and the person I was involved with.”

“You’ll think you’re doing what’s right, for the greater good, but again, it’s no ones business. These things will never leave the internet… and they’ll forever be held over your head. It’s not worth it.”

“I’ll never downplay or try to justify what’s wrong. I owned it and learned from it. For everyone that wants to bring it up everyday, because there’s nothing else to talk about… Honestly, I’m only here for the Memes, because social media is becoming too toxic.”

It is interesting to know that before now, the musician had gone on his bended knees to beg Juliet Ibrahim for forgiveness.

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He said; Dear Juliet Ibrahim thank you for everything. You loved me unconditionally, even at my lowest points and only wanted loyalty and honesty in return.”

“Unfortunately, I have failed you with everyone else that has seen our relationship and wished us well. Despite the pain and heartache i have caused you, you still found a way to rise and smile again.”

“I lied, I cheated, I took your love for granted and in turn brought ridicule and shame to you. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. Why now? You may ask. In life sometimes you have to reveal in other to heal, and as I have revealed the true reason for our break up healing comes next. As we continue on our separate paths I pray for God’s guidance.”

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