Pastor Adeboye Releases Shocking Prophecies For 2021


Prominent and highly revered man of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has a message for the world, individuals and Nigeria.

The General Overseer of the RCCG on Thursday, December 31st, 2020 during the Cross Over and Communion Service released the shocking prophecies for the year.

He said; “On the international scene, some things will spill over from 2020. Fire, flood and God’s intervention in places where there are changes of government specifically, the world as a whole can only come out of the woods when they admit the following;

  1. That it is the most high that rules in the affairs of men and not science Daniel 4:25
  2. That it is God that gives wisdom to the wise Daniel 2:20-21
  3. That God can reduce the so called wisdom of men to foolishness 1Corinthians 1:19-20
  4. That for every vaccine discovered there is already a variant in the making and this will continue until the so called high and mighty admit that safety is of the Lord Proverbs 21:31

“The only beautiful thing on the international scene is that God says he will begin to deal with nations on individual basis. 2 Chronicles 7:14.”

“In Nigeria, God wants us to know that only God can lift a siege 2 Kings 7:1-end. The humble who put their trust in God will see the end of the siege James 4:6. The erstwhile ignored people, opinions will become vessels in Gods hands 1CORINTHIANS 1:27. God says there will be sounds from heaven.”

“For individuals, God has only one message and that is your very survival and restoration will be in your own hands Psalm 91. If you stay close to God no matter what happens it won’t come near you and if you stay away from God may God have mercy on you.”

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